Thursday, February 12, 2009

Love, Living and Dying

“Love. The word screams at you from the car stereo speakers booming their way through traffic. Love is not, just an emotion, as the world sees it. It is action. While admittedly it does have emotion involved with it, it is not as unstable or changeable as emotions are. Affections come and go, grow and fade, but love does not. It is constant because it is more than an emotion; it is more a constant state of selflessness that produces action.”

That quote was written by a young man named BJ Higgins. It’s from his book, “I Would Die for You.” Much of the book is entries from his journal and they are incredible! In them he shares his struggles and failures as well as what God is showing him through His Word. I was especially encouraged with what he wrote about the armor of God. His love for God and desire to bring Him glory is inspiring! If you want to be challenged and encouraged in your faith, read this book!!!

He also has a blog and here are a few entries from it:

“Living is all for Christ and entails many trials and persecution, and is better for those around you, but dying and going to be the Lord is better for yourself. We need to live with courage and character worthy of citizens of heaven, fight boldly in this spiritual war we are immersed in, and take our suffering boldly, for it is a pleasure to suffer for Christ."
— July 4, 2004

“And so now I challenge you, if you are not involved in missions or supporting missions to do so, for each of us has a different task to do in the body of Christ, as it says in Romans 12, but we are all to work together for the glory of God. And I also challenge and encourage you to continue to grow in Christ, daily reading his Word, praying, worshipping, and fellowshipping. Do not be satisfied with staying the same person and doing the same mundane routine each day, but change, grow closer to God and move deeper than just ankle-deep in him every day you live, for it may very well be your last.” — October 11, 2004

“How often do we really live as Christ? How often do we lay our own dreams and wants down for God? At church camp? On mission trips? Maybe even every Sunday or Wednesday? But Christ says DAILY. Too often do we attempt the whole “Christian living” on Sundays and Wednesdays, and forget the whole “DAILY Christian dying.” Christ calls us to die daily. — August 2, 2005

That last entry was written while he was on a mission trip to Peru. After returning to the states, he became ill and after six weeks of hospitalization died… just 6 days before his 16th birthday.

Like BJ, I may not have tomorrow or I may live to be an old lady. Either way I only have today. My choice is to live it for me... or die to myself and live it for Him. With God's strength and power, I'll live and die for Him.

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