Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Central Mexico Trip Spring 2008

Mexico an amazing trip! What a blessing it was to spend time with Cliff and Mary Huffmire. They both love the Lord and it shows in how they live. Mary poured herself out for Him and faithfully served the team in every way she could. Cliff was an encouragement and example to us all. I miss them both. I was also blessed to meet some the dear people from the church in Jiquilpan. You should hear them sing! I loved worshipping with them. Their passion for God and excitement is infectious. I am already looking forward to the next trip!!!
I enjoyed getting to know the members of the team. They were all hard workers with great attitudes. The guys were very patient in showing me the proper way to use the tools. I did a lot of chiseling, hammering and sawing. I even put got to put some pipes together. It was a lot of fun. After working at the site, Jeanny and I would try to help Mary in the kitchen. Those of you who know my lack of skill in that area realize it was easier for me to sling the hammer! I didn’t actually do any of the cooking, but I did help with prep and clean-up.

Obviously, I’m not as strong as the guys on our team. But I tried to work hard and not hinder them. I did lots of praying and listening to God during those hours. I felt Him asking me, “How much do you love me, Mary? Would you really do anything for me?” I said, “Yes.” But my real answer will be revealed in how I respond to disruptions in my plans. Will I view them as God changing my direction and humbly submit? Or will I resist Him and continue on my own path and try to do things my way?

God taught me many things this trip. Real humility is when I see myself simply as a tool designed to bring Him glory. How much I bring Him will depend on whose hands are using me. Tools in my hands on the worksite didn’t have the same result as tools in the guys’ hands. They were more skilled and it showed in their work. If my life is a tool in my own hands, it will never be as effective as a tool in God’s. I need to submit and let Him use me. God says blessed are the meek. Meekness doesn’t mean weakness, but gentleness. It’s controlling your strength and not overpowering someone with it. Proverbs 15:1 says, “A soft answer turns away wrath.” And sometimes the softest answer is silence.

I was blessed to experience many things on my trip. However, being there will not bring any change to my life. How I respond to what I learned will be what changes me. I pray I die to myself and apply what God has shown me. Thank you for all your prayers!

In His grip,

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