Thursday, July 10, 2008

Summer is in full swing. It's nice to have a break from classes, although I am looking forward to them starting up again. I'm especially excited about taking Hebrew! I'll be commuting to that class with a dear sister in Christ. It will be great to have time together every week.

Although I'm not taking any classes this summer, I am learning so much! I am interning in Neenach where I am serving with an amazing team. They love God and reflect Him in their lives. It's inspiring to work along side them. I'm being challenged in my walk, having loads of fun and getting college credit!

I'm trying to be wise in how I spend my time. Yes, I'm having fun but I don't want my summer to fly by and then realize I wasted it. I'm trying to be intentional by memorizing Scripture; reading books that cause me to think; leading a small Bible study with a few friends; and trying to look for ways to bless others, so Christ looks good. It's His glory that matters.

The end of August I start back at Eternity Bible College as a sophomore where I'm working towards an Associates in Biblical studies. After that I may continue on and get a Bachelors in Biblical studies. Whatever God wants. My future is in His hands. All my plans, hopes, dreams and heart's desires. I just want to follow Him. I covet your prayers as I seek His will for my life.

Content in Christ,

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