Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Cup Runneth Over!!!

I've been meeting and praying at the AVC flagpole on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The week before I left for camp, four of us were praying when I sensed someone standing behind us. I released the hand of the girl next to me and motioned for this older gentleman to come into the circle. He did. We rejoined hands and continued to pray. He dropped to his knees, sobbing. We continued to pray. I could feel the Holy Spirit so strongly that is was like another person was in our midst. We continued to pray. After about a half-hour, we finished. The man (Bobby) told us he had heard us praying and felt drawn to come over and listen. Right there, he got right with the Lord. It wasn't anything we did. We never spoke to him until we finished praying. That day I witnessed a miracle and I didn't have to travel to some remote place to see it. I saw the power of in Lancaster!

Today, only Bobby showed up to pray. We spent all our prayer time thanking God for who He is. By the time we finished, both of us were crying tears of gratefulness for the sacrifice He made for us on the cross. I can't explain how overwhelmed I felt. It was like my heart was about to burst out of my body. I walked home, thanking God for the privilege of prayer. Mary Bartlett, a small speck on this earth can talk to the ONE true God, Creator of the universe anytime and He's listening! So can you!

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