Monday, November 3, 2008

It's Not About Me!

Last week at camp I had lots of time alone with God. He showed me that all those little things I choose to do or NOT choose to do, either bring Him... or rob Him of glory. One example is I've never been a big fan of pink anything. But God created the color. So, I will stop being immature about it and wear it with a cheerful attitude and a grateful heart. Because it is not about if I like it or not. It's all about my King and His glory. Another is my hair. He created me with curly hair that I've been told time and time again looks good down. Strangers have come up and paid me compliments on it when it's down. One even said that GOD created a thing of beauty when He made my hair. That was the last thing I wanted to hear! But, I heard God loud and clear last week!!! From now on I'm wearing my hair for HIS glory...not mine. It won't always be down, I'll still wear it in a ponytail or up at times, but not because I resent how God designed it.

And just in case I missed the point. God reminded me again. On Saturday, Pastor Chris said in his sermon, "It's not about you." That same night in Crossroads we talked about our "rights." I've been pondering that and have come to the conclusion that my only "right" is to die to myself in order to bring God glory.

As I go through each day, I've keep reminding myself that "it's not about me". It's already made a big difference in how I see, respond and react to things.

This has been a favorite hat of mine for years.
I pray God continues to show me what it means
to live a life that's not about me.

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